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The message and vision of the school

Global Message

Student to be initiated the action potential of the responsibility of a believer in god,and adhering to ethics and values proud of his homeland and arab identity.

Schools work to refine and develop the student's personal guide through the educational process guidance supports the ability to and initiative.

The task of the school in "preparing students for successful careers and through the development of their minds and their personalities and health of their bodies" we believe that that task will be more meaningful if given the opportunity to apply in the classroom, Through the link between the teacher and school activities outside world will grow in the student the ability to learn the extent of his life, And our mission is to prepare students for university and work after successful careers in the building and basic skills in the student and logic that will be needed in the advanced stages.

We are making efforts to help students achieve success in the scientific and personal future of the global community.

The school's vision

We believe that every student has the ability to learn and has unique capabilities that can make decisions or solve problems, and can also provide positive contributions to society, and we have a faculty with high efficiency and capacity to better use resources to provide quality education for each student, and created all the students to love learning and the ability to meet the challenges of the future in compliance with our values and traditions.

Principles of school

We believe in international schools where the need to publish our principles as the basis for everything done by the school, we believe the following:

The student should be the center of the educational process, the best way to achieve our mission partnership between the students and parents and teachers.

Must encourage our children to appreciate and respect themselves and at the same time understand and appreciate and accept differences in others.

Each student must increase the potential of the internal potential to the maximum degree, through the good curriculum and extracurricular activities interesting and excellent teaching.

Each student should be prepared to become productive citizens.

Can develop self-confidence and skills necessary for children to become able to take responsibility and lifelong learning.