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Universal Schools Description:

Established in 1996 by a joint Jordanian and Qatari Capital, Universal School was made to provide quality education.

Universal School provide education to all stages and grades from preschool (PreKG) to secondary stage / Tawjihi three sections.

Universal School started with 1,000 Students and by 2006 the number has increased to 3,000 due to its remarkable performance and reputation.

The Universal School  have launched the (AHSD(SATII) & (GCE/IGCSE)) since the beginning of the academic year (2006 – 2007 ).

The number of students is increasing more than we expected and our goal is to give the best to our students and have more students every year.

Universal Schools in Brief:

Capable Management.

High Qualified Teaching Staff Members.

Latest Teaching Methods.

English Language for all Stages.

Parent Teacher meetings.

Medical Supervision for All Students.

Transportation Ensured for All Regions in Amman.

Scholarships and Prizes for Distinguished Students.

Support Courses for Those Students Who need them.

Complimentary Activities.

Reasonable Payment Program.