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Special Needs Section Print E-mail

Learning Resources Department was established in 2006 and this section means cases of academic learning difficulties, such as the difficulty of writing and the difficulty of reading in Arabic and English, and the difficulty of the account, as well as developmental learning difficulties such as cognitive difficulties, concentration and thinking and attention.

Where the case is diagnosed by a dedicated team and a highly experienced and after that the student is diagnosed treatment plan is put to him within a specified period depending on a student's readiness.

And this strategy is activated multiple means and methods and focus on tangible and intangible materials, as well as activating the role of the computer and the library.

Objectives of the Department of Learning Resources:

  • Educate and train students who suffer from learning difficulties using modern methods.
  • Students are diagnosed by a dedicated team.
  • Provide educational strategies and programs.
  • Train parents on how to deal with their children and provide support and assistance as possible.
  • Train personnel in the department and provide them with sources of all new in this field.
  • Provide occupational therapy services which considered as a mean that focuses on helping children achieving themselves, accomplish motor activities, and develop individual and social skills.
  • Various enrichment programs throughout the year.
  • Provide pronunciation treatment services.
  • Provide services to students of a class of hearing and seeing disability.
  • Activation of the theory of integration and follow-up of students in the sections in all aspects.