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Kindergarten is an important stage in students' lives where they are prepared for the years to come. In this section students are also taught the values when they are young.

The kindergarten building consists of three floors. Each floor has its own facilities to provide a suitable environment for children's learning and help them  gain experience in an exciting  atmosphere  to achieve the desired educational goals in kindergarten.

The KG curriculum teaches Arabic, English ,Math, Religion and Science.

The teachers appointed in this section are highly qualified and experienced to take care of our students in the best way they could.

KG is divided into several sections and each section has its own character.They are as follows:

School Yard: A large yard equipped with the safest toys to help develop students physical abilities.Next to the yard a play area for the morning assembly and P.E classes.

Library: It includes a wide range of stories in English and Arabic stories, educational,and scientific books arranged safely in small cabinets close to the children . It is also furnished with small chairs, tables and carpet to ensure the safety of our students.

TV room: A large room with carpets all around where a child can move around freely and express himself the way he likes. The students can watch educational cartoon and programs that are suitable for their age.The students also spend a good time while waiting for their parents to pick them up from school or to go home by bus with their siblings.

The Kitchen: It is the place where students apply any subject of the lesson by acknowledging the parts of food  (grain or vegetables .... etc) through the preparation of certain meals to students.

Class Rooms: equipped with special chairs, tables and carpets to ensure the safety of students.Each student has his own plate, spoon, cup and towel.

Music Room: It is the room where students can sing their tune using different musical instrument accompanied by the teacher.

Swimming Pool: There is a program dedicated to teaching children the skills and techniques of swimming accompanied by a highly qualified teacher.