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Secondary Section :

This section includes selected teachers are selected according to the principles and criteria, this section includes 12 chapters from the section of scientific, literary and management information to both stages of the first secondary and II.

There is harmony between the plans of teachers in the curriculum and effectively brought to students within the allotted time and there is also interest in cultural activity and sports.

And based upon participatory management, engage the cranks, each administrator knows his role clearly and make a decision in a spirit of responsibility as division is planning a realistic strategic and operational planning to mobilize energies are to achieve the best results from the vision and mission phenomena tensjman with the plans to the region and the ministry on the floor of the higher goals of the kingdom.

Visions Of The Educational Section Works To Achieve & Consolidate:

  • To provide appropriate learning environment and classroom climate to ensure the best learning outcomes
  • Follow-up teaching the curriculum approved by the ministry of education, according to the plans studied carefully
  • To accept the students according to scientific bases, systematic and clear
  • Trying to follow up on the monthly calendar and analyze the results of students and a feedback and address the problems of individual weakness
  • Dram abide by the instructions and activate the role of the official morning line in instilling values of discipline among the students of the department
  • Follow-up to the commitment of students, school uniforms and school discipline guidelines
  • Activating the cooperation between the school and the community

Curricular Activities & Extra-Curricular By The Department:

  • The organization of recreational and educational trips for students
  • Participation in competitions organized by the Ministry of Education, Kmsabakp poetry, oratory.
  • Participation in exhibitions and events held by the schools.