A Word From The CEO

We welcome you at the edifice of Universal schools in its new year, which is witnessing a new launch based on the importance and imperative of change so that the future will be better, if Allah wills.

From the beginning, the Universal Schools, have taken upon themselves the guarantee of quality and creativity in support of the basic visions that accompanied the first launch, the most important of which are:

First: choosing the ideal location for comfort and the ability to expand.

Second: Developing competitive performance to support our students outside the geographical framework of the place to include all the beloved areas of Amman and its surroundings.

Third: Providing the basic environment to achieve all aspirations through generous investment in facilities, all of which are scientific, such as laboratories, sports facilities such as playgrounds, modern transportation fleet, and everything that serves our programmed plans.

We consider ourselves part of society in which we communicate with by relying on our competent staff to implement our national and foreign programs and learning resources. We seek to develop them year after year to reap the benefits by increasing the number of students to become more than what we started in our first year.

And finally: Our insistence on starting with steadiness and strength with the beginning of each year is nothing but services that we give for our students so that they can achieve their goals and make their parents, who are part of our mission,  satisfied Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah.