About Our School

Our history:

Universal Schools was established in 1996 with Jordanian-Qatari capital, and they are comprehensive schools for all educational levels from kindergarten to high school. This edifice is equipped with the latest educational equipment. Also it is equipped with halls for the educational process with the latest educational equipment, as well as halls for teaching foreign programs; (GCE-IGCSE) & (AHSD-SATII)
This is to serve non-Arabic speaking students and children of foreign communities in Jordan, and for students who wish to study these programs. Universal schools include a specialized strengthening department to assist students with special educational needs under the supervision of specialized staff.

Our vision:

The vision is based on good planning, keeping pace with times and uncovering energies without losing sight of the originality and needs of society.

Our goals:

Building students who are capable of facing the requirements of life and preparing him/her scientifically, mentally, morally and physically, in addition to discovering his/her creative points.


Rate us:

Financial gain is not one of our priorities as much as it is keen on raising a creative generation armed with strength, faith and Knowledge, also, investing graduate energies, eliminating unemployment and raising the name of the nation.

Features of Universal Schools:

The Universal Schools Department is managed by a cast of principals with experience in education and a selection of distinguished educational competencies.
Universal schools are not only satisfied with theoretical education, but rather with a group of modern scientific and computer laboratories.
Providing programs for the high achievers, teaching materials like mathematics and science with the English language, in addition to the French language.
Spacious classrooms – central heating
A Library which includes scientific, methodological and extracurricular books.
A studio equipped with technical materials that serve the curriculum.
Modern theater equipped with the latest acoustic techniques and musical instruments.
Summer and winter swimming pools
Playgrounds, a closed hall and large squares.

School features:

  • Educational supervision to monitor the progress of the educational process
  • Full cooperation between home and school through periodic meetings, between the administrative, teaching staff and parents.
  • Periodical medical supervision.
  • Providing transportation with modern buses to all areas of Amman and its environs.
  • Supporting distinguished and creative students through scholarships and prizes.
  • Holding special remedial courses for poor educational attainment and foreign students throughout the academic year for free.
  • Classroom activities are complementary to the educational process.
  • Foreign department for teaching the American system (AHSD) and the British system (GCE / IGCSE), which are internationally accredited.