The Universal Schools offer a high standard health education and care to its students and staff. It is our responsibility to help the students and their families to achieve and maintain health.

The school hosts two modern and well-equipped clinics, a full-time doctor and a nurse who are concerned with keeping kids healthy in school by providing high quality, easily accessible primary medical care through:

  • Offering essential preventative and health services for a standard set of common health aliments and maintaining or restoring student’s (children and adolescents) health through the diagnosis, treatment of disease and injury.
  • Conducting vaccinations for students in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. School doctor will administer the required vaccinations to students according to their age.
  • Students acquire accident insurance during school hours, when being transported by school buses and while taking part in school activities outside the school.
  • Dental program provides students with dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, comprehensive dental hygiene assessment, individualized and classroom oral health education. The dentist works with parents, teachers to ensure optimal dental health for all students.