The kindergarten with its two sections (national and international) in our schools is considered an edifice of prosperity and progress. The student grows on morals and advanced teaching which qualifies him/her to be a leader in the future. The kindergarten’s sections are designed with great features that connect to other areas that help the students with their learning journey. They also help to acquire experience in fun and safe atmosphere which will provide students with the desired teaching methods.

Universal schools‘ kindergarten has many modern sections according to the new teaching methods. It relays on a new curriculums that help the students to be an active individuals in society. These curriculums include Arabic, English, Math, Religion, and Science books. The teaching staff is able to have responsibility and we choose them upon specific terms.

The kindergarten is divided into few sections; each one has its special theme which the students love. Kindergarten includes:

  • The playground: it includes big and safe games and toys that help kids strengthen their muscles. Beside the playground, there is a huge space for the P.E classes and morning parade.
  • Library: it includes a big range of scientific and fun stories in the Arabic and English language. These stories are organized in small cabinets that are easy to access and are safe to the students.
  • T.V room: it is big room for the students to watch educational or fun shows and also they wait and play in it until their parents come on the first or the second round.
  • Kitchen: a place where the students do their activities that are related to food and watch what kind of food is being prepared for them.
  • Waiting room: which the students can play and make fun activities in it, with a teacher that stays with them until their parents take them.
  • Classrooms: they are prepared with suitable furniture to put their stuff in and to make the learning process much easier.
  • Music room: Students here sing songs with suitable meanings with special instruments accompanied with a teacher.