According to the Hashemite vision represented in the directives of her Majesty Queen Rania Abdullah to pay attention and be concerned with childhood, in general, and with kindergarten stage in particular. Universal schools aim to make projects and programs that benefit their staff first and the local community in second.

The generous gesture came by establishing a nursery inside the school to facilitate comfort and safety for children, in addition to providing activities that suit their ages, providing internal and emotional stability for the mother. Also, caring for the child in terms of social, psychological and health aspects and students were distributed on four halls according to the age.

We have been keen on attracting administrative and educational competencies that rise to the level of our children so that their future will be established on the basis of intellectual balance and scientific creativity and capable of acquiring knowledge and science, in addition to activating their senses for positive interaction with their surroundings.

Among the features of our nursery is that it is divided into several corners, each one has a special theme that the child may love: –

  • The building and demolition corner: it is a loud corner where there are plastic wood cubes in which the creativity of children will be greater in construction.
  • Reading Corner: a quiet corner in which stories are provided for children according to their ages.
  • Art Corner: where children practice a range of diversified activities.
  • House corner: in which the child simulates various roles such as the role of the mother, the father and others.

The nursery supplies and equipment: –

  • The walls are painted with bright colorful colors with decorations and drawings.
  • We take care of ventilation, hygiene and sterilization.
  • There are lockers for children’s stuff.
  • There are toilets that are suitable for the age and needs of children.
  • Regular health care.
  • We make sure to follow up on clean and healthy meals for children.
  • There is a kitchen that contains all of the nursery needs.
  • Toys are available for their ages, inside and outside the nursery.
  • Organizing different activities to develop their abilities.