Secondary level section (6 -10)

Non co-educational

The section operates as an independent unit with the rest of the sections in a spirit of team-work to achieve a balanced growth for our students, boys or girls, in order to be a good citizen belonging to his/her country and the Arab nation.

This section includes classes from 5th -10th grades, boys / girls. The teachers are highly qualified. The section is equipped with the latest tools and equipments that are available for all students to achieve the educational and scientific goals required.

A counselor is also available to aid the students through their teenage years in order to solve any problem he/she might face. A students’ counsel is also available to allow students to get involved in the learning process.

The section applies democracy in choosing a council for students in order to practice school’s policy. Student council is a way to link between students and school’s administration, which will make them have a sense of relating to the schools and feel as an important part of it.

The section participates in social, academic, and charitable activities. The section is being supervised by the best managers and teachers that realize the needs of students to lead them to a safe atmosphere.