The Word Of The Headmaster

Praise is to Allah for what he had taught us, inspired and guided by understanding and clarification, and completed with generosity, virtue and charity. Chose the pious from his people so he gave them knowledge, faith and peace. Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, son of Adnan, after whom there is no other prophet and was sent to all mankind and jinn.

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be bestowed upon you, Universal schools became one of the best schools to build and structure our homeland, its enormous bright of achievements went throughout the country. Its seriousness about raising children and seeking to meet the needs of the country went to the fullest.

These edifices are the bastions of our children, they are the hope of tomorrow and the builders of the future, so it is necessary to employ energies and dedicate efforts to create a strong upbringing and refine their personality with knowledge.

Our schools seek to raise a generation that grows on the love of Allah and his Messenger and on the love of the righteous and the truthful, a generation capable of facing challenges and difficulties, a generation capable of splitting towards a prosperous and promising future, a generation that is not dissuaded by the pitfalls and obstacles of time. This goal is achieved hand in hand to raise the banner of knowledge and tear hardships to get on the right path. Our strategy is based on knowledge and work, and our approach is honesty and moderation.

We educate our children on Islamic morals, educate them on modesty, make them get used to goodness, teach them the morals of our noble Prophet, whom the good and chaste woman to ever been known, Aisha bint Al-Siddiq, may Allah be pleased with them, has been asked about his morals, she said: (His morals was based on the Qur’an). So what it has to take for the generation to be nurtured by thought, mind and spirit, in order not to get lost in the waves of decay, and so that the effects of extremism and exaggeration in the name of religion do not ruin it. We give and work because young people know their history and culture and realize their present and plan for their future. This is why our educational mission is to produce a generation that benefits itself, its people and its nation. A generation who is proud of its religion and   based on the love of Allah and his Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and holds the standard of truth and defends it.

Finally, we congratulate our students for whom success was on their ally, and I ask Allah that they be tools for building our giving country under the leadings of our king, his Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect and guard him.