The theater is used for all school activities that take place in the school and serves all departments and stages and for all seasons and events. It accommodates four hundred seats and the theater’s hall is designed to be easier to watch. The theater is attached to the control studio which is equipped with tools to assist activities on the stage platform. It is also controlled by the direction of a special department that supervises it and coordinates the activities’ schedules according to the school events.

School’s theater can be used in many ways:

  • Cultural and academic seminars and lectures.
  • Celebrations and school shows for national or religious events.
  • Graduation parties for kindergarten, high achievers and creative students.
  • Hosting various formal meetings.
  • Meetings for members of the administrative and teaching staff.
  • School parties or parties performed by national teams.
  • Educational theatrical performances for all school students prepared by the school or provided by external teams.
  • Graduation parties’ training and school competitions.